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5 Steps To Successfully Learn And Master C++ Programming Language Fast!
These 5 steps will eliminate all the guesswork, confusion, and headaches and shorten your C++ learning curve drastically!
"I've spent thousands of dollars and 5 long years to become a master at C++ (and have created 3 top-level mobile Apps)... If I'd followed these 5 steps at the beginning, it would have taken me ONLY 3 to 6 months and saved me all the huge sums of money that I spent on 1000-page C++ textbooks!" -- Sahil Bora, Author, C++ Better Explained Book 
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Save Time & Money
The "50% Rule" that will save you time and money and get you to pro level programmer 10 times faster! (Ignore it at your own peril!) 
6 Best C++ Resources
6 places to find the best C++ resources for beginners. (N# 6 is the BEST... and you absolutely must know about it if you want to master C++ in the shortest time possible!)
3 Big Mistakes To Avoid
3 Big Mistakes most people make when learning C++ (There's 99% chances that you're making one of these mistakes right now... here's how to avoid them!)
No Guesswork
The "Yellow Post-it Advice" that all great C++ programmers follow, and why you must follow it if you really want to become an A-list programmer.
-Sahil Bora, Author of The C++ Better Explained Book
"Hey Fellow C++ Lovers,

If you love C++ and aspire to build video games and mobile apps, then you're in the right place.

Six years ago (2014), while in my second year of engineering, C++ programming was a core subject. The class was taught in a dull and boring way, with people either distracted or falling asleep.

Almost nobody had understood anything the lecturer was teaching because 90% of the class failed the mid semester practical coding test.

I was ahead of the class... because in 2009 (when I was 15) I had started studying C++ and had invested 5 years painfully studying from a boring 1000-page C++ textbook and other difficult-to-understand pocket-draining resources.

If I were to start all over again, I won't take such a painful path. I'll take a path that's 10 times shorter and that's what I recommend in this free download."
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